Practice Smarter - Free Webinar Series

This Webinar series is sponsored by the Productivity & Knowledge Strategy Committee of the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Division.

These free webinars focus on how to practice more efficiently and deliver better client value, while improving your financial performance. This web site also provides a forum for community discussion about these subjects.

Knowledge strategy is not about technology; it’s about efficiency. And efficiency is essential to your firm’s future because your clients will go elsewhere rather than pay for inefficiencies. So rather than wonder and worry about whether you have the best strategy for leveraging your firm’s collective knowledge - a knowledge strategy - learn what you can do by joining us for our webinars.

Our programs feature practical takeaways for individual lawyers, law firms and practice groups. We offer insights relevant to both solo/small firm practitioners and medium to large law firms. You may register for future webinars. After each webinar has aired you will also be able to listen to an archive of it and other past webinars.

Our Committee focuses on how lawyers can reuse and share what they know to produce results that are of higher quality, more quickly delivered and requiring fewer resources. We emphasize a knowledge strategy approach, which involves starting with firm leadership.

Register and participate in our upcoming FREE Webinars on how to practice more efficiently and deliver better client value, while improving financial results.

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Upcoming Webinars

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Please check back later for the schedule of our next round of webinars. You may view our archive of seven webinars by clicking here.