About Us

We are the Productivity & Knowledge Strategy Committee of the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Division.

Our Committee focuses on how lawyers within firms reuse and share what they know about

  • client work;
  • clients;
  • markets for their services; and
  • their firms as businesses.

We emphasize a knowledge strategy approach, which means starting with people, process and firm leadership, not technology. This people and leadership focus makes our Committee unique among other knowledge groups for lawyers.

We seek to:

  • promote awareness among firm leaders about the benefits of knowledge strategy;
  • facilitate exchanges of ideas among lawyers who are already committed to a knowledge strategy; and
  • educate practicing lawyers who are new to the subject.

Large and Small Firms. Our two subcommittees pursue initiatives seeking to address the needs of larger law firms and corporate law departments, as well as solo/smaller firms.

To Learn More

  • Learn more about what our Productivity & Knowledge Strategy Committee does by clicking here
  • You may join us by clicking here
  • Membership in our Committee is free for ABA Law Practice Division members. For other ABA members, joining the Law Practice Group is free for the first year (if you join using the above link) and only $50/year thereafter.

Non-ABA members will need to join the ABA in order to join our Committee. Information about ABA dues and member benefits may be found here. 

Benefits of Joining Our Committee

While our webinars are free for all, benefits of joining our Productivity & Knowledge Strategy Committee include access to special resources, such as our white papers.

You may view a summary of our white paper on the “Top 10 Knowledge Strategies for Larger Firms” (57 pages) by clicking here and a summary of our white paper on the “Top 10 Knowledge Strategies for Solo and Smaller Firms” (44 pages) by clicking here. You must join our Committee in order to access the full white papers.

Upcoming Webinars

For past webinars, please click here.

Please check back later for the schedule of our next round of webinars. You may view our archive of seven webinars by clicking here.